Welcome to Onta's Livestream

Orange and Bold format is restricted to admins.

Technical Info: I work in paint tool sai. Using custom built brushes. I work on a canvas between 2000 to 4000 pixels. Please keep discussions to about ones personal or private life to a minimum. Fart jokes and shittysd puns are welcome.

Asking for copyright materials of any kind including art and software will not be tolerated and will result in a permanent bad. Dont be rude or i'll be rude back. I cant get away with way more shit then you can in my own chat room.

During bidding please keep non bidding discussions to a minimum. Abuse with be met with 4 minute bans.


These rules are subject to change so pay attention before the auction starts.

Content is open to anything that is legal to draw in Canada
Auctions are for 1 hour of my time.
I may go past the 1 hour mark at my discretion.
Auctions are in 5 USD increments and start at 5 dollars.
Auctions bidding lasts 5 minutes.
Past 5 minutes I will use a "once, twice, sold" method until there are no more bids.

Auction Winners
Money is to be sent through paypal to hardblush.at.gmail.com
Auction winners requests are to be sent at onta.hardblush.at.gmail.com
Clear concise descriptions as well as reference images help considerably
Please change your text format to underline by selecting the "U" under the chat box. This will allow me to see you more clearly.

Notes: Feel free to interupt me at any point. This is your commission and I want to get it right. If I do not immediately respond please be patient I'm not always paying attention to the chat. I will attempt to color auction pieces but I cannot guarantee it. Complexe poses and costumes may eat up most of the time spent.